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Bahama Shutters in Jacksonville

Bahama shutters are growing in popularity in Florida for a variety of reasons. First, many people like the look and style they give a home. Bahama shutters can give any home a tropical look and feel, or add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral home. These window shutters are mounted to the exterior surface of a home, above the window at a 45 degree angle. This allows the shutters to be more versatile and allows the homeowner more freedom to customize the look they like and the amount of light that comes into the home at any given time. There are a few ways that your shutters can be used:

  • Propped all the way open for maximum light and breeze within the house
  • Partially open to allow some light in to the home
  • Closed to protect the home from light and heat entering

Each of these options allows the homeowner to control the privacy, temperature and light level within the home.

How Do Bahama Shutters Protect The Home?

Bahama shutters are not just popular thanks to the look they give the exterior of the home.  They also serve a practical purpose that can make them extra desirable in the Caribbean and also in Florida. Made of solid wood or aluminum and attached to the outside of the home, the shutters make it easier to protect a home from severe weather threats, like the high winds and flying debris that can accompany a thunderstorm or hurricane. They remove the need to board up your home in the event of a hurricane approaching, making it easy to get ready for a storm. Simply lower the shutters and secure them, and they will protect the glass surface throughout the storm.

Get Your Bahama Shutters Installed by Thompson Awning

Thompson Awning offers Bahama shutters perfect for inclusion on any home or business location. Working with our design experts, you can choose the color, size and material you like, and we will handle the rest. To get started, contact us to set up a free in home or onsite consultation.

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